Recommendations to OT Commerce clients

Dear customers, we are pleased to start cooperation with you!

We prepared several recommendations for you to simplify your start in organizing business with China using online store based on OT platform. We hope they will help you in working with OT Box, interacting with customers and other partners of your business.

Buying an online store based on OT Box, you become its full owner. Therefore, your main task is to organize and conduct entire business for profit.

It is worth studying all the issues of running your business within the framework of your country legislation and choice of shipping company for delivery of parcels from China (if you do not have your own resources for this) before buying OT Box. It is also very important to study all the materials provided on
It is necessary to follow these steps to run an online store for resale of Chinese goods:
1. Purchase the domain on which your site will be installed.
Make sure the domain name does not contain any forbidden words: «taobao», «tmall», «yahoo», «alibaba», «hitao», «koubei», «etao», «alipay». They are forbidden.
2. Choose hosting. We recommend using our OT Commerce Hosting because it is optimized and best suited for OT Box based website. You can host at another company. Just check if it answers our requirements.
3. You need to register in support and send installation request after purchase. Customer support managers will provide complete information in your skype chat. Site installation takes from 1 to 3 business days depending on hosting. You will get a message in your support request when site is ready.
4. You need to make necessary settings to website after its installation:
  • Set up pricing: margin (mark-up) on goods, currencies and discounts..
  • Set up delivery methods and rates;
  • Add contents to website: configure design, set up home page, add contact information, create products selections (groups) to attract buyers’ attention.
5. You need to connect payment system to website to receive payments from online store customers. You can choose payment system from this list that we will enable for free. You can connect several payment systems to website. If you didn’t find necessary payment system in the list. We can add it to website at extra charge. Request price at OpenTrade Commerce managers in Skype chat.
6. Next important step is organizing the process of buying and delivering goods to customers.
You can buy and deliver goods from provider by yourself if you have all necessary resources for it. Otherwise, you need to find a shipping company that provides services of purchase and delivery if you do not have such resources.
OT Box is not a ready-made business, but a ready-to-use online store for resale of Chinese goods. We are an IT company, so we do not provide online store promotion and shipping services. We are engaged in technical part, which includes online store development and support. Cooperating with us, you will get a stable and uninterrupted operation of your online store.
The main role plays interaction with customers in success of online store. Therefore, we have a number of recommendations for online store owner:
  • Online store promotion. You need to tell customers about your website first. Therefore, you need to promote it. You can make it yourself using numerous marketing methods or hire a specialized agency for these purposes.
  • Communication with customers. It is very important to provide feedback to customers, helping to make purchases on website. You can use feedback form, phone calls or online chat, which is easily added to the site. You can hire operators to communicate with customers.
  • Orders processing. You must track incoming orders in website admin panel, accept payments from customers and transfer orders to the shipping company. for purchase and delivery of parcels (or buy yourself and deliver). You need to Solve all issues on orders, replacements and delivery if it’s necessary.
  • User Agreement and Privacy Policy. These documents govern responsibility and relationship of online store owner and his clients (based on services and shipping capabilities described in the documents and / or agreements of your chosen logistician).
  • Items forbidden to be carried. It is necessary to add information on the site about goods prohibited for sale in your country. You can create a separate page on your site with this list, and give buyer a link to corresponding page in case you detect such goods in his cart.

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