Rules for application for technical support

We are always ready to listen and discuss our system’s shortcomings, implement recommendations for improvement the system, and improve the technical support service according to your comments.

We are sure that all obstacles can be overcome if we respect each other and constructive communication. We also consider without mutual respect, deviation from the business manners towards the negative-familiar and non-constructive criticism not only doesn’t contribute, but also obviously interferes with our overall work.


Therefore, we will remove such obstacles to solving our joint tasks at the expense of simple rules of communication:

  1. Obscene language, insults, ad hominem argument are strictly prohibited on all our communication channels (skype-chats, forums, technical support site).
  2. A participant who allows obscene language, insults, ad hominem argument receives a warning for the first time, then he is added in the blacklist (banned). Getting blacklisted means blocking your account on the forum, refusal of client support, denial of consideration of one or more application in technical support – all these are separately or together, depending on the place (or places) of violation. Violators are in the blacklist on communication channels either for a certain period, or unlimited period until he apologizes to those who were offended by his messages and behavior.
  3. Applications in support containing obscene language, insults, ad hominem argument won’t be considered. If you overreacted and wrote an emotional request to our support, it is better to paraphrase it in a follow-up comment. We are all people, and we understand your condition in a critical situation. But we need specific data and accurate information about the problem to solve it. Therefore, please make up your requests clearly, it’ll help to solve the problem.

4. We are always open for discussion. And we really appreciate your criticism and comments. If you are categorically dissatisfied with our software products or services, we are always ready to provide you the contacts of OpenTrade Commerce management to resolve issues in person.


Thank you for understanding. We are sure our communication will contribute to the development of the market and the profitability of your projects.

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