Comparison of Mobile Applications: WebView and by Cordova

We used different technologies to develop 2 types of Mobile Applications for OT Commerce Platform based websites:

  • Cordova;
  • WebView.

Below is a comparative table with the main characteristics of Mobile Applications to help you understand which one is more suitable for individual characteristics of each business:


Title Mobile Application by Cordova Mobile Application WebView
Features It is an application that uses all the capabilities of customer’s smartphone: contacts, calendar, camera, various effects, geolocation and much more. WebView is a site-based Application. It pens with a shortcut on the smartphone screen. Functionality is limited to website functions in a mobile browser.
Design/interface Own unique design, excellent user interface. Mobile Application interface is similar to website interface in a mobile browser.
Performance Good performance, high speed. Lower performance in comparison to the native Application. The more complex is the Application functionality, the lower is its speed.
Application settings All Application settings are carried out through special functionality in website admin panel or by contacting OT Commerce technical support. No configuration required. A Mobile Application is an analogue of website in a mobile browser. All website updates will be displayed in an Application.
Updates Requires special development to make changes and updates. All website updates will be reflected in a Mobile Application automatically.
Price Expensive development, therefore Application price is high. Application development requires less cost, therefore it has a lower price.
Publishing an Application Requires publication in App Store and Google Play. Requires publication in App Store and Google Play.

Read more about pricing for Mobile Applications here

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