Products of well-known marketplaces in your online store


Our API allows you to add catalog, search and products with their characteristics to the sites on any CMS. All information is updated automatically. Connections to the following product providers have been implemented:

What business to start?

Marketplace content on your website
Connected providers: Taobao / Tmall, 1688, Alibaba, eBay, AliExpress, jd
Obtaining complete information about products
Translation of textual information into any required language
Translation of prices from the original currency to necessary one
Uniform search for goods across all providers
Protection against changes in the structure of the original marketplaces
Ready-made online store with goods
Installation on your domain
Quick project launch, easy setup
More than 800 million products from China with descriptions, characteristics, prices, pictures
Easy catalog, product and content management
Lots of markup and shipping settings
Order management system and personal account of the buyer
Option to connect necessary payment systems
Additional modules to expand functionality
Website translation into any language
We did try most of the things we will need and we are happy with your API. And above everything — your support is great. much appreciated. I do develop the system, that’s why I ask all those questions, while I’m testing and I’m happy to receive quick support help.
Rostislav S., Bulgaria, 05.14.21
I really enjoy working with OT Commerce. The staff is very attentive, helping to resolve all issues. If there are any failures, they are quickly eliminated. The service is constantly evolving and updating.
Graciela V., USA, 04.20.2021
API work is well organized. Documentation is very clear. If you have any questions, support will resolve them very quickly. We are satisfied with the service and we plan to use it further.
Sar C.S., Cambodia, 01.16.2021
Service works well and reliably. I would like to increase speed, we hope it will be possible in the future. We are also waiting for mobile application development.
Quang P.L.D., Vietnam, 04.08.2020
The best company in the world. All issues are resolved very quickly. This service is ideal for working with Chinese goods. Information about goods is updated automatically, website design is beautiful, it is convenient and simple to work.
Shomos R. A., Iraq, 03.18.2020
Very good service. API works stably. There were difficulties with its integrations, but in the end everything works fine. Support answers questions promptly.
San K.K., Myanmar, 06.21.2019
It’s good software better than a lot of others. in this time i’m still learning about it day by day. i find new things but still have qustions that make me better in it, it’s huge software.
Abdulaziz S. A., Saudi Arabia, 07.15.2018
I have no problem with you service now.
Aniwat P., Thailand, 02.17.2018
I think your service is quite good now. Keep on improving API speed and you will become even better. Anyway, you guys are doing a good job. Keep up making good work.
Chen H., Malaysia, 03.02.2017
Im very likely to recommend OT Commerce to my development friends. It’s a pricey software but the benefits we get in return makes it a no brainer for any medium to large retailer. Your support has been amazing too. Must admit didnt like the fact you have to pay an expensive aditional component to get basic info such as the weight.
Carlos R, Colombia, 11.07.2017
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