Choosing website hosting platform is crucial for its further performance. Hosting service is responsible for data transfer accuracy, website speed, operation of some modules and third party plug-ins (such as social network widgets).

We suggest that it should be placed on our hosting platform for your website stable performance. We call it OpenTrade Commerce hosting as we’re the ones who are responsible for its performance and maintenance.
Guaranteed hosting parameters
Linux operating system
Processor: 2GHz Intel Xeon E5 Family (Sandy Bridge)
Disk: 10GB SSD
Access to website via ISP manager
Web mail (only to receive mail, not for mailings)
Traffic volume (bandwidth) 200 GB
Php 5.6 +, modules curl,simplexml, 2 GB ± to save files, mysql 5
OpenTrade Commerce Hosting Price
3 months
13 USD/per month
6 months
66 USD 78 USD Discount 15%
12 months
117 USD 156 USD Discount 25%
Special offer!
Free SSL certificate and its installation to your website if you buy 12 months package of OT Hosting.
Services to be provided for a customer after a website has been deployed on hosting platform

Access to ISP Manager panel, FTP access, access to database.

Note! Connection via SFTP or SSH is unavailable.
Primary installation of the site on our hosting (immediately after payment) is free of charge. Site transfer to our hosting is free of charge. Site installation or transfer to third-party hosting is carried out for an additional fee.

Once a website has been deployed a customer gets:

  • an instance key for OpenTrade Commerce services;
  • administration control panel’s login and password;
  • server’s file system access panel.
OpenTrade Commerce hosting provides the following:
Links to our services
Your website sends a request for information on users, orders or goods to our platform. Consequently unstable connection will slow down your site.
Our highly trained technicians monitor the system for alerts to ensure a rapid response to service related issues. In addition, in case of trouble we have full access to our hosting platform.
Correct servers settings
Our system administrator monitors site servers and makes all necessary settings. All the servers were selected to work with our platform.
OpenTrade Commerce Hosting Terms of Service:
  1. OpenTrade Commerce hosting service provides an opportunity for customers to host a site on OpenTrade Commerce hosting platform when it is installed initially after payment or moved from another non-OpenTrade Commerce hosting platform (paid service).
  2. Hosting fee is $13/month. Billing period is a calendar month starting from payment date. For example, if payment for three month package was made on March, 20 then hosting service is available till June, 20.
  3. Customer has a right:
    • to employ OpenTrade Commerce hosting service when a website is set up initially after payment;
    • to employ OpenTrade Commerce hosting service to transfer website from another hosting platform;
    • to get access codes to website from OpenTrade Commerce after its installation;
    • to get OpenTrade Commerce technical assistance for free when solving website problems or the ones related to hosting service, if any;
    • to migrate website from OpenTrade Commerce hosting platform to non-OpenTrade Commerce hosting platform assuming full rejection of free technical support provided by OpenTrade Commerce.
  4. Customer is responsible for:
    • making timely prepayment for hosting service;
    • migration to a dedicated server upon first request and under the auspices of OpenTrade Commerce when exceeding the predefined RAM usage value of 1200 Mb or 50 per cent (or more) of CPU core usage of the cloud server on which the site is hosted.
  5. OpenTrade Commerce may:
    • Ask a customer to migrate to a dedicated server in case of server overload;
    • Move customers’ websites to other physical servers in its sole discretion, perform maintenance on servers provided that the availability of websites is ensured (except for scheduled maintenance period);
    • Deactivate customers’ websites in its sole discretion if no payment is received.


The site will be hosted for 30 days starting from the last day of paid period. If you don’t pay the Hosting Fee after the expiry of 30 days, the site will be removed from the server.

6. OpenTrade Commerce shall:

    • Ensure hosting uptime;
    • Host website within one (1) working day after request receipt excluding receipt day;
    • Offer website access to customer;
    • Carry out customer’s site migration from non-OpenTrade Commerce hosting platform to OpenTrade Commerce hosting platform within five (5) working days after request receipt excluding receipt day;
    • Carry out customer’s site migration to dedicated server in case of server overload within five (5) working days after migration notice receipt excluding notice day;
    • Notify customer of hosting maintenance.
Money back guarantee:
  • In the event of customer’s website migration to another hosting platform customer will not be entitled to any refund in respect of unused services. For example, if customer paid hosting fee by 31st May but chose to discontinue service with OpenTrade Commerce hosting platform on March, 12 then payment for March, April and May will not be refunded.
  • In case of customer’s website migration to OpenTrade Commerce dedicated server money paid for unused services periods is counted as a resource for OpenTrade Commerce dedicated server payment. Money paid for migration period is non-refundable.

For example, customer paid for OpenTrade Commerce hosting service by 31st May but due to server overload his or her website was moved to the OpenTrade Commerce dedicated server on March, 12. Then customer is responsible for payment of server service fee for the current period (March) whereas the hosting fee for this period is non-refundable. The portion of payment for the following months (April and May) is counted as contribution to dedicated server payment.


Other hosting services recommended for cooperation with the OpenTrade Commerce platform:
  • Hosting service FastVps (Germany, technical support in Russian). The optimal rate is EVO-6-SSD
  • Hosting service Hetzner (Germany). The optimal rate is CX40
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