There are so many large marketplaces now that you can work with profitably. And so many engines for creating online stores.


OT API key will allow you to create a showcase with a catalog of products (categorized), descriptions and characteristics, as well as prices from the marketplace you need to your website through our API. Functions such as search for these products, auto-translations will also be available. Hundreds of possibilities open up with one solution.

Filling the online store with goods by API

OT API key can send the following information to your site:
  • Product catalog from the marketplace (for example, Taobao/TMall, 1688.com, Alibaba, Ebay and AliExpress).
  • Information about goods (name, color, weight, price, description, etc.).
  • Search engine for products on your site.


Working with multiple product aggregators
(currently Taobao/TMall, 1688.com, Alibaba, Ebay, AliExpress and JD are available), while maintaining the interface of their site.
Uniform product search
for all providers, for each product aggregator, several search methods are used.
Getting the category tree
description, characteristics, configurations, discounts.
Unified caching of data from product providers
speeds up work and partially eliminates cases of interruptions in communication with China.
Translation of all textual information
from the original language of the product provider to the desired language
Obtaining complete information about products
description, characteristics, configurations, discounts.
Translation of all prices
from the original currency to the necessary ones at manual rates or received from the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.
extra charge, delivery region for Taobao, discounts, and other settings will provide a unique design and functionality of your site
OT API Key Rates
The approximate number of calls per month is 350 000, the number of website visitors is up to 500 people.
The approximate number of calls per month is 500 000, the number of website visitors is up to 1 000 people.
The number of calls per month is not limited, the number of website visitors is from 1 500 people.
To integrate an OT API key on your site, you need a special code. Due to the fact that the basis of our field of activity is the study of various marketplaces and adapting them for work, we do not integrate OT API Key into different CMS systems, as this does not correspond to the profile of our activity. Therefore, Key integration is carried out by various third-party programmers.
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