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OT Box is an online store engine with a convenient ecommerce CMS and cloud services that fill the site with products, prices and descriptions. Choose OT Box version to launch your resale shop — we will install the site on your domain ourselves and provide its technical support.


ReSale ShOP with goods from well-known marketplaces

Opentrade Commerce has already created more than 200 online stores around the world: our clients work in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Mongolia, Israel, South Africa and Indonesia.

How to open an online shop?
Start online business with ready-made online shop OT Box. Sell goods from well-known marketplaces by connecting taobao api, api key 1688 and other product aggregators to your site. Start online sales through your own website:

We set a ready to use resale shop on your domain. You promote it and bring more buyers.

People place orders on your site. We support your site, provide free updates and design apps for it.
Your logistic service buys and delivers orders.
Buyers get their orders.
You get your margin (%)!
Business logic
Manage users, orders and parcels. Easy registration, online shopping cart and client personal account on the site.
Price and currency management
Set markup for all or certain categories of goods.
Product catalog of well-known marketplaces
Professionally translated catalog, selections of popular and recommended sellers and brands. Product and category filters.
Site content
Transfer of data about goods, their descriptions, prices and transfers via API
Business development modules
Display goods weight, discounts, website and products reviews and other fatures and additions. Use additional modules to promote your website, increase sales and customers’ loyalty.
otcommerce Hosting
Install resale shop on professional Hosting otcommerce specially configured to work with online shopping systems and ecommerce platforms.
Connection of payment systems
Integrate Payment System to accept payments on your website automatically or manually.
Possibility of customization
Third-party customization modules and services provide a unique design and functionality for your site. Integration with delivery services.
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Resale shop OT BOX
Basic functionality for full operation of modern resale shop. Affordable solution for quick start.
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