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OT Commerce Affiliate Program is for web-studios, logistics companies, delivery services, developers, forums owners and anyone willing to earn on developing business with China by distributing our software products.

OT Commerce offers tools for implementing business ideas from China. They allow Taobao agents quickly create an online store with Chinese goods from well-known marketplaces Taobao / Tmall, 1688.com, Alibaba, Ebay, AliExpress and JD.
Our product OT Box is a ready-to-use online store on your domain, already filled with Chinese marketplace products at your price, in the right currency and in your customers’ native language. We offer connection of projects on the basis of OT Box OT to product providers, dropshipping suppliers, various payment systems and other services for successful development of online business.
We also offer OT API Key, which allows you to broadcast content of necessary marketplace to client’s site through our API. It can be integrated into any CMS. Hundreds of opportunities open up with one solution. So many marketplaces you may work with.
Dozens of online stores with Chinese products, created on the basis of otcommerce products, successfully operate around the world. Several clients from different countries contact us every day. OT software products are relevant and popular for creating online business with China.
We strive to develop this sector of ecommerce, so we are interested in attracting customers both from Russia and the CIS countries, and also from Europe, Asia, Oceania and other parts of the globe.

OT Commerce is committed to developing affiliate marketing program and is ready to cooperate with logistics companies, payment systems, IT companies and developers, as well as with other services that allow us to make our products even better for working in the field of ecommerce.

Partnership options of Affiliate Program
We offer flexible cooperation schemes.
Basic conditions — you attract customers to us and get a percentage of each purchased OT Box or OT API Key (Version K3).
We will start developing an individual affiliate program after several such deals, taking into account your capabilities and wishes.
Principle of Affiliate Program
Affiliate creates Skype-chat (group talk) with potential client and adds OT Commerce managers into this chat or gives client’s Skype login to managers. Further communication with the client is done in Skype chat (group talk).
OT Commerce managers explain working and service conditions, help to choose OT Box version or OT API Key.
OT Box or OT API Key price is set by OT Commerce managers (with or without discount) depending on payment date. Client pays discussed price of software directly to OT Commerce.
We pay partner a certain percentage of the amount received after receiving payment for the software.
Terms of cooperation
General conditions
Conditions for long-term affiliates
Affiliate %
Sales volume
less than 7 000$ for 12 months
more than 7 000$ for 12 months
Program Product
OT Box (Basic, Standard, Top) or OT API Key (Version K3)
Payment %
In 14 days after sale
Общие условия партнерской программы
Программный продукт
Коробка ОТ (версия База, Стандарт, Топ) или Ключ OT API (Версия К3)
Выплата %
через 14 дней после продажи программного продукта
Условия для постоянных клиентов
Партнерский процент
Программный продукт
Коробка ОТ (версия База, Стандарт, Топ) или Ключ OT API (Версия К3)
Выплата %
через 14 дней после продажи программного продукта
Who is the program for?
Logistics companies
Marketing agencies
Our partners




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