Connect Amazon API for e-commerce business

Connect Amazon API for e-commerce businessAmazon is one of the largest online trading platforms in the world.

The world famous company not only sells goods but also provides cloud technologies and a wide range of services on the Internet. But we are interested in it precisely as a marketplace which products are in demand all over the world.

Amazon is an American marketplace, but buyers from different countries purchase on it. Currently, the marketplace provides not only products of American manufacturers, but also foreign products.

Amazon sellers are both the company itself and the sellers who use the marketplace to sell their goods. Sellers from more than 180 countries can register on Amazon to sell their products.

Marketplace gained a reputation as a convenient and customer -oriented service. The company puts a lot of effort into attracting people to shop on Amazon.

According to statistics of 2020, Amazon had over 300 million active users worldwide and over 2.5 million active sellers. Trading platform growth continues at the moment.

Amazon warehouses are located all over the world. Besides the USA, they are also available in Germany, the UK, Poland, the Czech Republic and other countries. Each country has its own Amazon site. No wonder that the American marketplace products are very famous and in demand among buyers in different countries.

And now a little history. Amazon was founded in 1994 by American entrepreneur Jeff Bezos. Initially, it was a trading platform for books and comics. Who would have thought that years later a small online store would become the largest and the most famous e-commerce platform all over the world? Amazon is currently one of the twenty most visited Internet resources around the world. In the US alone, it accounts for almost 50% of all e-commerce sales.

Amazon marketplace has several main advantages for working with it: high purchasing power, large customer base, wide range of goods and well-established logistics.

High purchasing power. It is based on the fact that Amazon products are in demand all over the world. A large number of buyers prefer them to products from other marketplaces. Amazon buyers are ready to spend money on its products and come back to shop again and again.

Large customer base. More than 197 million people visit Amazon every month and there are about 300 million active buyers worldwide. Amazon popularity is constantly growing and there are more and more customers every year.

Wide range of goods. Amazon sells almost everything. Therefore, this trading platform is universal and focused on a variety of target audiences.

The most popular category of goods is clothing, of course. There is a large choice of goods in this category at affordable prices on the marketplace.

In addition, it is popular to order cosmetics on Amazon, as well as children’s products, electronics, household goods and kitchenware, sporting goods and travel products. These categories of goods are the most profitable.

Well-established logistics.

Amazon delivers goods worldwide through its own logistics service. Sellers on Amazon just need to deliver goods to the warehouse and then the marketplace will deliver ordered goods to the buyer.

The convenience of business with Amazon and its popularity make the marketplace very attractive. One of the areas of work is goods resale from Amazon.

This can be done by dropshipping scheme. It involves selling goods directly from the manufacturer to the buyer where the online store is just an intermediary and is responsible for all communications with buyers from choosing a product to buying it out. The intermediary’s profit is the margin for assistance in purchasing goods. We will talk more about dropshipping with Amazon in the next article.

In addition, Amazon products can expand the existing range of goods adding high-quality and exclusive product offers. This will attract new customers to your site.

It is not necessary to choose rare and unique products for business with Amazon. It is better to give preference to everyday and highly demanded positions.

So, we’ve developed our own Amazon API to give access to Amazon products to online store owners and entrepreneurs. It allows you to receive information about products and transfer it to the sites of various CMS.

You can choose the following options for working with our API:

  1. Develop your own resale shop with Amazon products. You can also connect products from other marketplaces: Taobao, 1688, Tmall, JD, Alibaba, AliExpress and eBay.
  2. Connect Amazon catalog and search to an existing site. Our API can be integrated into any CMS websites. You need a special module in the code of your site. Third-party programmers’ services are required for development and integration of our Amazon API.

OpenTrade Commerce API includes the following functionality:

  • catalog, search and showcase of Amazon products;
  • information about goods with all configurations (prices, pictures, descriptions, etc.);
  • translation of information into various languages;
  • margin settings;
  • delivery settings;
  • search by photo;
  • automatic update of information.

It’s easy to work with Amazon API. We provide clear documentation and customer support in Skype.

Contact us here for free testing and purchase.

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