OT Team congratulates you with New Year!

OT Team congratulates you with New Year!Dear agents and users of OT platform, another year is coming to an end. We hope that it was fruitful for you and brought good financial results!

Traditionally, we summarise our work and set goals for the coming year. We worked hard in 2023 to improve product information quality and OT platform speed.

OT developers have already achieved stable and efficient operation of our system. We’ve minimized failures and malfunctions, developed a new, more efficient information translation system, improved OT platform security and introduced various ways to update information and make data more relevant.

One of the highest priorities of our activities remains improving information quality transmitted through API. We will continue to develop new methods to update product database in the coming year.

Another area of OT platform development for the past year has been the development of new product providers. This year we managed to optimize the process of adding providers to our system. We have therefore introduced three new marketplaces: the Chinese Pinduoduo and Shein and the Turkish Trendyol. These marketplaces are widely known all over the world and can expand the assortment of any online resale shop. If you have any suggestions for adding other merchandise providers, you can let us know in your skype chats. This will help us in our market research.

We also continue to improve functionality of ready-made online shop OT Box. We carried out a partial redesign of existing website template this year. Now it looks more modern and corresponds to the latest trends in online shop development.

We started to develop one more business direction in 2023. OT Team developed a plugin to integrate OT Key into OpenCart. This is a popular CMS for online shops. This plugin allows to add our API to the OpenCart site without additional development. Previously we have never been involved in API integration. Our main activity was focused on its development and support. We want to make progress in plugins development for API operation in various CMS in the new year.

This was our year. We want to thank you for your cooperation. We hope that our business relations will become even stronger next year and we will continue to delight you with our work.

OT Team wishes happiness, well-being and health to you and your loved ones! Let your business prosper in the new year, work goals will be achieved and luck will accompany you in everything.

Happy New Year!

Yours sincerely, OpenTrade Commerce

OT Team congratulates you with New Year!

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