Dropshipping with Alibaba

Starting business with Alibaba

Alibaba is an international marketplace for wholesale purchases of Chinese goods. With its help, you can start your buying and reselling goods business on the Internet. Alibaba can provide profitable supply of a wide variety of products for everyone.

You need to create your own online store and connect the broadcast of goods with Alibaba API to it to start business with Alibaba.You can start reselling goods after that.

Dropshipping business with Alibaba

Alibaba dropshipping will allow you to open your resale shop with minimal initial investment. To do this, you need to find suppliers on Alibaba marketplace who will directly send goods to customers.

You will need to organize online store and communication with customers. There are a large number of suppliers on Alibaba, so you can find a profitable offer for cooperation.
Alibaba dropship plugin

Alibaba plugin allows to import Alibaba products into online store. Each CMS needs its own plugin. OT Commerce provides API required for product information transfer and plugin operation.

API will provide:

  • obtaining catalog, search and information about products on the site;
  • translation of product information into the native language of your customers;
  • margin and currency settings;
  • automatic update of information.
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