New Year congratulations from OpenTrade Commerce

New Year congratulations from OpenTrade CommerceDear agents, the year 2022 finished. Thank you for your cooperation, for your understanding and trust in our company. We hope that our joint work will continue for several more years.

Let’s sum up the results of the outgoing year and outline plans for the next year 2023.

The past few years have been challenging and rich in world events that have affected all spheres of human life. Nevertheless, we try to firmly overcome all difficulties and continue to develop our activities improving it every year.

So, a lot of efforts were directed to improve quality and stability of OT service platform in the year 2022. We’ve created a stable and efficient system for obtaining goods from popular marketplaces, expanded products base and improved the quality of received information. We continue to improve the quality of received information increasing its relevance and data updates speed.

Another important direction of our activities is development of new commodity providers. This year we added two marketplaces: the Chinese JD and the American Amazon. The following products can be connected to the site now: Taobao/Tmall, 1688, Alibaba, AliExpress, JD, Ebay and Amazon.

We plan to continue working on the introduction of new product providers in the new year. We already have developments on the Chinese marketplace Pinduoduo and we are also exploring the possibility of adding Turkish products into OT platform. 

We’ve completed work on a very large-scale project for our company — the mobile application development. We have two kinds of mobile apps now: WebView and Cordova. Click here for more information.

We also implemented the work of OT API Key for prepaid service payments. If you want to switch to prepaid service payments, you can find out more in your Skype chat.

We will carry on improving our system and the quality of our services next year. We hope that our cooperation will become even more effective and strong.

OpenTrade Commerce team warmly congratulates you on the coming New Year! We wish you good health, happiness and well-being. Let the New Year please you with exchange rates, big profits and growth of customers’ number in your online stores. Development and prosperity to your project, reliable partners and grateful customers!

New Year congratulations from OpenTrade Commerce

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