What is Pinduoduo? Why you need Pinduoduo API?

This article provides an overview of popular Chinese marketplace Pinduoduo, its features and main characteristics. We also described how to use Pinduoduo API to develop Chinese goods resale business. Please note that this article is not a guide for private shopping on Pinduoduo, we do not teach how to buy goods.
What is Pinduoduo? Why you need Pinduoduo API?
Pinduoduo is a popular Chinese trading platform where you can make joint purchases with other buyers, which significantly reduces goods price. Thereby, this market place quickly won Chinese buyers’ hearts.

Pinduoduo marketplace was founded in 2014 by a former Google employee Huang Zheng. Since then, this marketplace has become a leader in Chinese e-commerce market and is the third online store in China after Alibaba and JD. Currently, Pinduoduo has over half a billion buyers and this number is constantly growing.

Like Taobao, Pinduoduo works only in Chinese domestic market, so this marketplace is not available to residents of other countries. In addition, Pinduoduo has another interesting feature: the online store works only as a mobile application. Pinduoduo doesn’t have a traditional website with a product catalog and ordering system.

Despite this, Pinduoduo is popular not only among Chinese residents, but also among buyers from other countries. That’s because goods on this marketplace are cheaper than on Taobao/Tmall and 1688 due to large discounts that Pinduoduo provides when making joint purchases. This encourages customers to share product links with their friends and family and buy together at better prices.

How does Chinese marketplace Pinduoduo work?

Pinduoduo marketplace is literally translated from Chinese as “combine as much as possible.” This conveys marketplace meaning

– the more buyers unite, the more profitable the purchases will be.

Pinduoduo platform provides a variety of options for customers. Users can make single purchases, as in regular online stores, or they can join groups and make joint purchases. At the same time, Pinduoduo fixes retail and wholesale price of goods. This form of work is beneficial to goods sellers and attractive to buyers due to possible discounts.

What is Pinduoduo? Why you need Pinduoduo API?Organizing joint purchases on Pinduoduo is very simple. There are two prices in the product card: standard for 1 item and lower for a joint purchase. Customer may initiate the creation of a group to purchase a product or join an existing one.

Pinduoduo regulates the minimum number of participants to purchase a product. Usually groups for joint purchase of goods consist of 5-10 people, although often two buyers are enough for a lower price of a product. Up to five thousand people can join groups to buy the most popular products.

When a group is set up to buy a product, the user must pay the group price for one buyer. Then he starts collecting a group of buyers. He can get help in Chinese social network WeChat associated with Pinduoduo. It helps users quickly disseminate information about the purchase of the product they are interested in. Other buyers have to pay for goods to join the joint purchase of goods. When the minimum group buyers are collected, the joint purchase can be completed or continue to recruit participants. Pinduoduo will make a refund to the user who initiated the purchase if a minimum of buyers is not recruited.

Customers can also join an existing group of joint purchases. There is a tab on the product page that shows a list of groups for its purchase, if they exist.

Pinduoduo products are presented by individual sellers who are responsible for their quality. Trading platform has more than 3.6 million suppliers. You can pay for goods only through Chinese national payment systems WeChat Pay and AliPay.

In general, all the advantages for Pinduoduo customers are associated with joint purchases. Marketplace offers a large number of special offers. For example, there is a special section in the app with information on discounts for joint purchase products, which will end soon.

Pinduoduo also awards random prizes to buyers. There are entire categories of popular products for which users can receive gifts. Another example of a special market place offer: if user pays for another buyer in a group purchase, he can get a discount on the following purchases.

What is the difference between Pinduoduo and Taobao?

Pinduoduo is currently one of the main domestic competitors of Taobao. However, they have significant differences in their work.

The range of Pinduoduo and Taobao includes a huge number of different categories of goods: clothing and shoes, household goods, furniture, appliances, cosmetics, food and much more. Herewith, Pinduoduo focuses on selling off-season products with flexible prices which can be delivered in large quantities in a short time.

Taobao pays more attention to selling different products to customers according to their interests. In turn, sales at Pinduoduo are aimed at joint purchases of the most popular products.

Pinduoduo sells and actively buys little known brands because marketplace target audience is focused on low-cost products. Taobao presents a large number of brands. Marketplace is guided by the rule of the market: the better the product, the more expensive it is. Pinduoduo, on the contrary, uses the principle of saving money which attracts a large number of customers.

Thus, Taobao aims to make individual purchases, and Pinduoduo is based on group purchases.

What is Pinduoduo? Why you need Pinduoduo API?Connect Pinduoduo API

OpenTrade Commerce Company developed

Pinduoduo API to add Pinduoduo catalogue to online stores.

Pinduoduo API integration allows:

  • to add catalog, showcase and product search;
  • to get products information;
  •  to translate information into necessary language;
  • to set your own mark-up on products;
  • to get automatic update of information.

We implemented Pinduoduo API in two variants:

  • without products configurations. It does not require additional costs to obtain product information, but configurations are not available;
  • with products configurations. Requires additional paid calls.
On demo site you can test a ready online store with Chinese goods from Pinduoduo https://otcommerce.com/pinduoduo-api-dropshipping/

Pinduoduo API integration will allow you to start a resale business of Chinese goods or to expand the range of existing online store by adding Pinduoduo products.

Pinduoduo API does not provide opportunity to organize joint purchases. When using API, Pinduoduo products are available for sale, just like in a regular online store.

Please contact OpenTrade Commerce managers for more information about adding Pinduoduo catalog to the site.

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