Taobao dropshipping service for agents and sellers

Taobao dropshipping is an upcoming and profitable business.
Dropshipping gives opportunity to earn on almost any product offered by Chinese suppliers. You need to find a reliable Taobao reseller and open your online store to start making profit from Chinese goods resale. To deliver goods, you may need logistics company services, which can be found on the Internet. In the Chinese goods market, there are a large number of companies that deliver goods from Taobao.
How Taobao reseller business works:
  1. You find a reliable Taobao reseller to ship goods from China
  2. Create a store on your engine or OT Box.
  3. Set up pricing and store design (if you use your own store, our API Key will help you get the goods).
  4. Launch an advertising campaign and make customers’ service.
Why is it profitable to become a Taobao dropshipping agent?
    • There is no interaction with goods directly, which means you do not need warehouses and additional staff for warehouse maintenance and order picking.
    • Order picking and shipping is handled by Taobao supplier.
    • You can deal with goods delivery to the buyer yourself or find a logistics company that will take over these functions.
    • A Taobao dropshipping agent does not need a large start-up capital. No purchase of goods – no expenses. All money will go to the creation of the store and advertising.
    • By using OT Box or Taobao API to receive goods, you can maintain a wide product range at no additional cost.
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