Terms of use

To make our collaboration clear and productive, we suggest you to read with OpenTrade Commerce rules:


Familiarization and acceptance of these conditions is mandatory for cooperation and support of sites on the basis of OT Box, or OT API Key.
Ignorance of these conditions is no excuse.
OpenTrade Commerce link on the site

All sites (and also subdomains) based on OT Box and run by OpenTrade Commerce Platform, and also all sites using OT API Key must contain information that they are supported by OpenTrade Commerce.

By default, this information could be presented in the form of  «Powered by © OT Commerce Platform» link or OpenTrade Commerce logo with reference to OpenTrade Commerce site (otcommerce.com), in the bottom of all website pages (site footer).

Requirements to OpenTrade Commerce link in site footer:

  • Text of the link should be «Powered by © OT Commerce», font size is Arial at least 11px in size;
  • Contrast and eye-catching color in comparison to site background where the link is added;
  • Link should not merge with the text in site footer;
  • Link should not be hidden by other objects (for example, online chat on the site);
  • Link to otcommerce.comafter click.

Requirements to OpenTrade Commerce logo in site footer:

  • Logo size is not less than 57×38 px;
  • Contrast and eye-catching color in comparison to site background where the link is added;
  • Pop-up message «Powered by OpenTrade Commerce» when pointing the logo;
  • Link to otcommerce.com after clicking the logo.


OpenTrade Commerce link or logo is obligatory condition for work with OpenTrade Commerce Platform and use of our products, regardless if the site is fully operational (in commercial activity) and accepts orders or in development.
OpenTrade Commerce link and logo should be also available on the site if there is a website malfunction due to changes in Taobao / 1688 API, as this guarantees the use of full functionality of OT platform, one of which is Taobao / 1688 API.
Penalties will be applied to your site in case of absence, unlawful removal or incorrect placement of OpenTrade Commerce link or logo or hiding information about the actual domain on which OT Box/OT API Key is used. It will be subjected to restrictions in website/API Key operation, up to full blocking until the irregularities in placing the link or the logo of OpenTrade Commerce will be corrected.
You can use our White Label service to remove OT link and logo from your website. Service is provided at extra charge. The absence of OpenTrade Commerce logo or link will be considered legitimate only in this case. Please note that this service is provided at extra charge.

Forbidden words in your website domain name

Sites cannot contain words «taobao», «tmall», «yahoo», «alibaba», «hitao», «koubei», «etao», «alipay», «tao», «1688» in domain and fixed area of address bar according to Taobao policy. It is also forbidden to declare official partnership with Taobao on websites.

If your domain contains the word “Taobao” or you have declared that you are an official Taobao partner, please change it. Your permission for Taobao API access will be withdrawn if you have not changed it yet.

Click on the link for more detailshttps://open.taobao.com/doc.htm?docId=1028&docType=1#s1

Registration forms

For buying OT Box/API Key and starting to work with us, it’s necessary to fill in a registration for and send it us to this e-mail info@otcommerce.com.

We have two variants of registration forms – private and company. You can download a registration form здесь.

Contract Offer and the annex to the Contract

Pay attention, all our products and services are provided on Contract offer. Signing official documents for purchasing OT Box/OT API Key is not required. Payment for chosen product means the entry into force of the treaty.

Contract offer.

Rules for the provision of SLA services..

Application 1: Acceptance certificate (form).

Application 2: License fee calculation Certificate (form).

Application 3: Report of SLA services rendered (form).

Refund policy for OT Box / API Key / Modules

OpenTrade Commerce will issue a refund for the price paid for it (OT Box/API Key/Module) upon written request sent to OpenTrade Commerce within fourteen (14) calendar days after making the first payment for OT Box/API Key/Module. We will refund 80 per cent of OT Box/Module purchase price. 20 per cent of OT Box/API Key/Module purchase price is a non-refundable service charge.

OpenTrade Commerce cannot grant you a refund for OT Box/API Key/Module purchase price if 14 day period has expired.

Note! Service fees are non-refundable. They include prepaid service payments, OT Hosting (including site maintenance and support), connection to logistics services and payment systems, White Label and other additional services.

Activate/unfreeze OT Box/API Key

You can freeze your website if you need to stop using it for some reason. You need to contact OT managers in your Skype chat.

You don’t pay service payment when your site is frozen. To activate OT Box/OT Key, you need to pay outstanding service fees and 30$ penalty cost.

Follow the steps to activate/unfreeze website:

  1. Contact OT managers in your Skype Chat.
  2. You will get a 30$ invoice as well as an invoice for service charge debts, if any.
  3. You pay invoice.
  4. We activate/unfreeze website after we receive payment
  5. Website will work on current service tariffs (if the freeze period is more than 1 month) after activation/unfreezing.
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