Changing OpenTrade Commerce software programs ownership

Changing ownership of Open Trade Commerce-based websites/OT API Key bought in the secondary market is obligatorily offered once a customer has paid for the «Notary» service.

Note! Only Open Trade Commerce-based websites/OT API Key including all add-ons available at the time of resale may be put up for sale in the secondary market.

Note!! When buying a OT Box site with an old design template, you need to buy a new one separately.

Add-ons and modules for Open Trade Commerce Box/OT API Key cannot be separately purchased in the secondary market. In such a case, the «Notary» service is not provided.

According to Documents, Open Trade Commerce (OT Commerce) company will neither repurchase add-ons and modules for OT Commerce Box/OT Key nor accept refund claims for them.

There are cases in OT Commerce selling practices when a seller or buyer demonstrates inappropriate behavior. For example, buyer hesitates to pay for website after getting the access to website. Or seller does not provide access to website, payment systems and online chat once he receives payment for website. Or he/she provides his/her bank account information to pay for orders on website while being logged in as an operator.

OT Commerce provides «Notary» service and introduces purchase and sale rules for OT Commerce Box/OT Key in the secondary market to protect both parties from inappropriate behavior.

In addition, «Notary» service includes OT Commerce efforts to transfer website/OT Key ownership, such as:

  • Providing advice and counsel to a new OT Box website/OT Key owner on the proper working of OT Box website/OT Key;
  • Checking OT Box website for updatability;
  • Checking for unpaid amounts (if such exist);
  • Removing active orders and remaining amounts in accounts;
  •  Removing payment system and integrating a new one into OT Box website.

Price for «Notary» service is 150$

Agent selling OT Box/OT Key shall:

Publish information about sale of OT Commerce Box/OT Key online (in forums, message boards and other publicly available sources) or find a buyer using contact information;
Provide accurate and complete information about OT Box/OT Key version, additional modules (if any), customization, or whether the Box can be auto updated or not;
In case OT Box is sold with domain and hosting, name the date prior to which domain and hosting have been paid for and inform buyer whether website ownership can be transferred or not;
Disable payment system if it is enabled on OT Box based website;
In case online chat, metrics, Google analytics and other widgets or plugins are embedded into the Box, inform buyer whether they are transferred with the Box and provide access to these widgets;
Inform buyer whether social media pages and groups are available and whether they are sold together with the Box, provide access to them;
Inform buyer whether any commercial activities have been started on OT Box website/OT Key or not, as well as whether any «active» orders that are currently being processed by the agent are available on website. If seller wants, he/she can specify average website traffic and order check;
  Name geographic regions in which advertising campaigns aimed at attracting new clients on website have been conducted (if any) (country, region or city/town);
Provide information whether there is any debt to Open Trade Commerce or other services (amount, payment due date);
 Specify price, payment terms (for example, payment by installments, auction);
 Reply to buyer’s questions promptly and accurately;
Make sure that buyer paid for «Notary» service;
Provide access after the transaction was completed.

Buyer shall:

— Find agent’s contact details selling an OT Box/OT Key on the secondary market;
— Examine in detail information about the OT Box/OT Key sold in the secondary market;
— Check OT Box website or website using OT Key, examine it (design, modules (if such exist), how effectively it works, etc.) in case it is available online;
— Be aware of and take risks associated with purchase of OT Box/OT Key in the secondary market;
— Request more information from seller before making a decision about OT Commerce Box/OT Key purchase in case any information seems to be incomplete, unclear or untrue;
— Discuss transaction, payment methods and terms details;
— Сontact OT Commerce managers, pay for «Notary» service, collect all information about the OT Box/OT Key offered for sale and only thereafter take a final decision.

«Notary» service is offered to customer after paying for it. This service includes::

Providing or denying information about OT Commerce Box/OT Key posted online;
Confirming or denying information that agent selling OT Commerce Box/OT Key in the secondary market is a beneficial owner of OT Software product;
Support/monitor OT Commerce Box/OT Key purchase and sale transaction;
Verifying OT Commerce software product license or transferring its ownership to buyer after payment was confirmed by seller;
Providing pre-sales advice and counsel to buyer and seller;
Providing post-sales support to buyer as OT Commerce agent.

OT Commerce purchase and sale is a process through which a buyer will pay a seller for OT Box/OT Key. Transaction is completed after payment is confirmed by seller. Buyer should submit a check (or e-check) related to this transaction if payment is delayed for more than 5 working days. Transaction is also completed after check was submitted (in case it is approved by OT Commerce specialists).

Note! Open Trade Commerce modules and services are available only as a set. They cannot be repurchased individually in the secondary market.

Service fees should be chosen by new OT Box website/OT Key owner from those valid at the time of OT Box website/OT Key ownership transfer.

Open Trade Commerce may recognize this transaction as invalid, charge previous owner for services, cease providing support to new owner if transaction was carried out without «Notary» service. License key can be banned without any notice to new buyer if customer fails to make full payment of any fees charged for using OT Commerce services by his/her payment due date.

Contact OT Commerce managers via Skype or visit OT Commerce forum in case you have questions about «Notary» service.

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