Rules of installation and updatings of OT Commerce Products

OT Box/OT API Key and additional modules for it, as well as output updates for them are ready-to-use software products provided by OpenTrade Commerce in a complete set at the cost specified in price-list at

Document comes into force on July, 20, 2013

1.1. Installation and startup

It is necessary to comply with the following requirements for successful installation and work with OpenTrade Commerce software products:

  • To install the OT Box within OT Commerce hosting or one of recommended hostings services (Hetzner, FastVps), or, according to preliminary consultation by OpenTrade Commerce experts, other hosting service meeting declared requirements (php 5. *, modules curl, simplexml and 100+MB for file storage, and database mysql must be available). Product may appear non-operable if installed within local web servers of Denver assemblage and machines designed for Windows. In this case, the failure causes are to be found out individually at the expense of the client.
  • It is forbidden to use words «taobao», «tmall», «yahoo», «alibaba», «hitao», «koubei», «tao» in domain names for OT Box installation and OT Key integration.
  • It is obligatory to have a link to or OpenTrade Commerce logo in site footer of all pages of OpenTrade Commerce based sites as well as for sites using OT Key. You can use our White Label offer to remove OT logo and link from OT Box/OT API Key based website. Service is provided at extra charge.

OpenTrade Commerce is not liable for faulty work of the product in case of non-observance of these requirements.

Box installation (in addition to the Box price specified in price-list) is free. Client also has a right to install the Box himself but OpenTrade Commerce bears no responsibility for correct Box installation in this case.

Modules installation for OT Box/OT Key is made for free after their purchase at the prices specified in price-list.

OT Key integration is done by the client (or developers) in accordance with documentation provided.

All client-initiated improvements in addition to software products functionality and mentioned in the descriptions enclosed to them, as well as services specified in price-list are referred to customizations and implemented under appropriate conditions (please see Customization section).

1.2. Regulations on Box and modules installation

  1. Client pays software product*;
  2. Task of software product getting is enqueued for performance by developers:
    • Box installation suggests that the client allows access (address, login, password) to the hosting panel, or ftp-access and access to MySQL database. If the domain is not delegated to the hosting service, the client also provides access to the control panel of the domain;
  3. Client is informed about the approximate terms of the task implementation;
  4. Software product is placed at the client’s disposal.

* In the case if client pays the software product in installments, and if the second payment is delayed by more than 7 calendar days, OpenTrade Commerce reserves the right to block the client’s instance key, which provides the client’s website access to the OpenTrade Commerce Platform, until the repayment of the debt.

After purchasing OT Key the client gets license key and integration is done by the client (or developers) in accordance with documentation provided and OpenTrade Commerce specialists’ recommendations.

1.3. Assistance in work

It is recommended to refer to the materials placed on OpenTrade Commerce sites and if any questions regarding Platform functionality occur.

Additional help is described in Services section.

Additional questions can be addressed to managers of client support in your personal skype-chat.

1.4. Updates

OpenTrade Commerce experts reserve the right for adding updates significant for working ability to the software product without client’s consent. Client can use or not use updates and additions in his sole discretion.

Updates are covered by service payments without any additional payment on the client-side.

Compatibility between updates and OT Box is not guaranteed in the following cases:

  • Customization by client’s own means;
  • Strongly customized** site (by any contractor);
  • Intervention of third parties into Box functionality.

Solution of problems related to Box compatibility after update is carried out free of charge except for cases not covered by compatibility warranty.

**Customization is considered as strong if the site cannot be updated in the standard way, safely, with the functional survival.

1.5. Disputes resolution


Software cost will be refunded within 14 calendar days starting from the moment of payment for Software upon written request in case of obvious fundamental inability of Software to satisfy client’s requirements. In this case 80% of Software cost will be refunded, 20% Software cost is held as non-refundable service fee transaction.

Refunds are made to the same payment details from which the payment was made within 10 days from the moment the client sends a request to cancel the OpenTrade Commerce software.

Note! Service fees are non-refundable. They include prepaid service payments, OT Hosting (including site maintenance and support), connection to logistics services and payment systems, White Label and other additional services.

Software cost is not refunded if client wishes to make a refund later than these 14 calendar days.

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