Rules for the provision of SLA services

Rules for the provision of SLA services of July, 23, 2012


for OpenTrade Commerce platform, hereinafter referred to as the «Software Product» and / or «SP», the exclusive rights to which belong to the «OpenTrade Commerce» Limited Liability Company, established and operating under the laws of the Russian Federation, located at the following address: 394036, Russian Federation, Voronezh, Friedrich Engels Str., Bld. 52, office 301, hereinafter «the Licensor».

1.General Provisions

1.1. The terms and definitions used in this Procedure, unless otherwise expressly provided, are used in the meaning, which are given to them in the License Terms.

1.2. SLA services are provided for providing the Licensor with quantitative indicators of the SP’s qualitative characteristics when the Licensee uses it, as provided for by the terms of this License Agreement, hereinafter referred to as the «Quality of SLA Services».

2.The Licensee’s obligations

2.1. The Licensee undertakes to provide the Licensor the necessary information for providing services under the License Agreement within 2 (two) business days since the beginning of the relevant event and/or fact occurs.

2.2. The terms of services are postponed by a number of days equal to the delay of providing information by the Licensee. The Licensor informs the Licensee in writing about the delay in providing information, about the number of days of delay, as well as about the new deadlines for work performance, which were changed because of this delay.

2.3. The Licensee ensures the Users comply with the technology and rules for receiving the service. In case of non-compliance with the technology and rules of using the service, the amount of the Licensor’s liability may be reduced depending on the degree of violation and his influence on the Licensor’s ability to provide the SLA services.

2.4. The Licensee, in agreement with the Licensor, has the right to give the rights to the service to third parties and provide the site’s password for doing different works on the site. However, in this case, the Licensor is not responsible for the Licensee’s website functionality.

3. Composition of the Services

3.1. The SP support service includes:

  • ensuring of the servers work used by the Licensor (the Licensor is not responsible for the servers work used by the Licensee for his site’s work);
  • supporting of the SP work, including access to payment systems;
  • fixing technical problems in the SP work;
  • making settings of the SP by the Licensor is not obligatory;
  • wishes of the Licensee for additional developments of the SP are not binding on the Licensor;
  • consulting in written form the Licensee about the SP work and settings via Skype-chat maximum 2 hours per week.


3.2. Unless otherwise specifically provided by the terms of this agreement, Service provision time is: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 (366) days a year, except for the time for conducting:

  • technical support — 24 hours quarterly;
  • installation of the SP’s updates 24 hour quarterly.


3.3. Service provision period: the duration of the License Agreement is 1 year.

3.4. Delay in making an advance payment for SLA services gives the Licensor the right to suspend the service provision until payment is made with the obligatory notification of the Licensee.

4. Changes

4.1. The Licensor has the right to change the provision of SLA services, unilaterally. At the same time, such changes come into force for the Licensee in 30 days after they are published on the site Also, the Licensee may receive information about the changes in e-mail newsletter, which the Licensor will send to all subscribers to the newsletter on website.

4.2. A change in the provision of SLA services gives the Licensee the right to refuse to receive services unilaterally before the entry into force of these changes, by sending an appropriate notice to the Licensor. Failure by the Licensor to notify the Licensee about refusing the SLA services within 30 days from the date of publishing the changes is considered as the Licensee’s consent for accepting these changes.

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