Ownership of the OT Commerce software

Ownership of the software product developed by OpenTrade Commerce company, for the time spent by OpenTrade Commerce developers and for money of OpenTrade Commerce company, belongs to OpenTrade Commerce company.

The document comes into force on July, 20, 2013

The client can get the desired functionality it in the following ways:

  • create it himself (in this case OpenTrade Commerce does not possess the ownership of the functionality code);
  • wait for functionality to appear in the Platform (OpenTrade Commerce develops new features by themselves);
  • accelerate the development by financing it.

OpenTrade Commerce team leaves the choice of the method for the client.

When the customer orders the acceleration of development of the missing functional, he agrees that the functional developed under such conditions becomes the property of OpenTrade Commerce and may be available to other customers as a paid separate platform module or service or can be included in certain versions OT Commerce software products for free.

The exception is the work on the client’s unique invention (know-how) in the methods of working with Taobao. Conditions for such projects are subjects to separate discussion and consolidation prior to their implementation.

For its part OpenTrade Commerce team undertakes not disclose to third parties confidential information of the client.

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